Avira System Speedup Full + Serial

Avira System Speedup – a versatile set of tools for complex tuning and optimizing Windows. Increase the productivity and performance of your computer, and automatically maintain the optimum condition. Now you do not have to remember to periodically scan to detect unwanted and unused data. You can schedule one scan at the appointed time (for example in the morning), or set up automatic scans on a daily or weekly basis.

Throughout his life the computer stores programs, magazines, junk files, cookies, and other debris that remains in it after use. All they really do – it’s overloaded memory and processor. Perhaps you’ve tried to remove unnecessary files, but it is not saved from permanent slowness of your computer. The perpetrators of this – a countless number of temporary files, registry entries that are invisible to you. Avira System Speedup penetrates wherever safe does not fit a single user, and carefully remove unnecessary programs and files, optimize Windows and recovering fast, error-free operation, you deserve!


Facilitates boot your computer
• System Cleanup module includes a complete set of tools to quickly and safely clean your computer from dust. Restore the unused space with functions Junk Files Cleaner, Registry Cleaner and Smart Defragmenter. Activate Privacy Cleaner to clear the data to be loaded with a daily web browsing.

Finds sources deceleration, hangs and crashes
• All computers perform a variety of processes in the background. As you add new applications at random background activity increases, which leads to errors and freezes. System Optimizer, in conjunction with the Process Manager and Service Manager, directs capricious process back on track. Startup Manager reduces download time by limiting the number of tasks performed on Windows startup.

It leaves no gifts from the past
• Is your computer, and you have the final say as to which files can be accessed by others. File Encryption function blocks the current files from prying eyes, while the File Shredder and Disk Wiper doing everything to deleted items beyond repair. Uninstaller allows you to uninstall applications without residues occupying space on your computer, or likely to cause errors in the future.

Carefully examines PC health
• You do not need to make an appointment to Disk Doctor found, diagnosed and fixed hard drive errors. Disk Analyzer helps improve disk usage. Driver Monitor proactively monitors the software that connects to the PC operating system, reducing the risk of the release of “iron” out of order.

Intuitive assessment of your computer
• The main screen of the program is very informative, studying it, we can conclude – in what state is your operating system. Index Good means – your PC is currently running at peak performance. Attention – it is necessary to scan. Bad – do not panic, just run PC tuneup, to restore the performance and speed of the system.

Built-in scheduler Avira System Speedup
• With the integrated scheduler Avira System Speedup, you will never forget about the need to scan for the detection of unwanted and unused data. You can set the scan at a specific time, set up to automatically scan every day or once a week on a particular day.

Suitable for beginners and experts
• Members in optimizing the operation of the computer will be able to make optimization of the system with a mouse click. Experienced users will appreciate the advanced settings, including settings removing temporary files, registry defragmenter, blocker file copies the master boot record backup, and others.


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